Monday, March 2, 2015

"The Most Beautiful Girl, in the Room"

We saw Elder David A. Bednar this week and let me just say that it was probably one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. He didn't prepare a talk but he just opened it up to question and answer and we could ask a 'Special Witness of Christ' anything we wanted and man was that cool. I wrote about 3 pages in my journal about it and all the things that the Spirit spoke to me not by words that were spoken but by things that I felt in my heart. He said some really funny things and there were a couple of times that he was cracking up laughing. We didn't get to shake his hand but I think I am fine with the words that he spoke.

Other then that the week went pretty well and my companion and I are starting to get along better which is good. I have been pondering pretty hard some of the things he talked about and have started to reread the Book of Mormon since I just finished my study of the New Testament. I just finished 2 Nephi Chapter 25 and I think all of the Isaiah chapters went completely over my head so I may have to reread them. 

The Newspaper I added below is one we had dropped by our flat and it just goes to show how slow this town is that Chickens (Chooks) are so important that when they are a problem (only like 20) that you must get rid of them (Boot)

I love Tokoroa....

Elder Mitchell!!!!

P.S. on December 21st 2015 Tara (my recent convert) is submitting her mission 

Me and Elder Lingwall

Slow news day in Tokaroa

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