Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's my birthday 2016

Kia Ora fam!

Been a great week here in Whakatane and Kawerau! We were fairly busy most of the week and actually got quite a bit done considering how much time we actually spent in our area. We had a couple conferences and meetings this week with the other missionaries and that took us away from our areas for most of the week. 

On Saturday, (My birthday) we were in Kawerau and for the first couple hours of the morning we went around and tried to visit people but no one seemed to be home. We finally gave up and went to Kawerau Woodfest (which is were everyone else was) and started to talk with some of the people there. We watched some of the woodskills competitions and saw some really cool stuff actually. I have some really cool videos of the events that took place but you all will have to wait till I get home to see them. We also went and watched a tree-climbing competition which was pretty cool but I didn't even think that it was a sport.

On Sunday, (Elder Gajultos' birthday) we had church in Whakatane and then went to Kawerau for a 'branch council meeting' which ended up not happening but in its place they threw a birthday party for Elder G and I, and one of the members here who knows Elder Gajultos' mom from back home (She's Filipino) made us a cake for our birthdays. I am taking Elder Gajultos out to eat today for his birthday but I tried to make his 1st birthday in the mission the best it could be. It's crazy to think that this is my last birthday in the field and in 30 days I will be home back in the freezing Utah weather:)

Elder Mitchell

Attached are some poor quality pictures of the Woodfest sign with the log round that I got while I was there. Also the Cake that Sister Matthews made us.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's just been raining on my face

And he is gone!!

Elder Bwebwetaake left on a bus this morning to go up to Hamilton. So it will just be Elder Gajultos and I for the next couple weeks until transfer when we get a new companion to replace me when I leave here mid-transfer. 

Anyway, this last week has been pretty good, we didn't actually see much progress from the people we have been visiting for the past couple days until sunday when two of our investigators came to church in Kawerau! They only stayed for sacrament but they said that they will be able to come for the whole meeting next week. Elder Gajultos has been going very well with his training and I have tried to not show how trunky am I getting but I will just say that it has gone by so fast. I feel like just left my first area.

Elder Mitchell

Here are some pics from our last couple P-days.

1. Is from a statue here in Whakatane

2. Is from Lake Tarawera

3. Is a pretty crack up sign here in Whakatane

The Human's are dead.

September 2, 2016

I spoke at a Tangi (Maori Funeral) yesterday, one of the members in Kawerau died so they had President Hohepa and I to speak at the Marae which was kind of awkward but I think we did pretty well. Elder Bwebwetaake goes home next week on Tuesday and after he leaves it starts the countdown to when I go home. Elder Gajultos is doing much better this week, he is really getting into the missionary life and is not seeming to have any problems with the mission rules.

I have some really good pictures but I forgot my camera cord so I won't be sending them this week. 

Sorry this is kind of lame but I promise to send a better one next week.

Elder Mitchell