Monday, February 23, 2015

"Carol Brown"


Pretty slow week here in Tokoroa, Elder Jensen got sick on Monday so we were out till Wednesday so not a very good week. We had a couple pretty good lessons and we got like 6 of our investigators to commit to coming to church on Sunday but only 1 actually came. We have been doing a trade-off the past 2 weeks on Sunday where one of goes to Putaruru and the other stays here in Tokoroa. Its been working pretty well because last week while I was in Putaruru we had an investigator come to church in Put and Tok so we got 2 member presents at the same time!!!! We need to push extra hard to make up all the ground that we lost this week but I know that we can do it.

Elder Bednar from the 12 is coming to speak to the Hamilton and Auckland Missions tomorrow so I am super excited! I have been studying a couple of his talks that I have printed out but we have to drive up to Auckland which is like 300 kilometers away but oh well. I have just finished the New Testament and now I'm starting again on the Book of Mormon but I have really appreciated all the doctrines that Christ taught and I think I have a pretty good understanding on most of his parables but there is a few that I may have questions with. It has also helped me to answer any questions about some controversial doctrines such as that whole "saved by grace alone" and many other questions brought up about certain doctrines. 

Another thing that I have been reading is a transcript entitled "In Defense of Truth". Its a fictitious courtroom setting where there is a group of leaders of other religions and they try to prove the Mormon Church wrong and the defense is 2 LDS Elders serving a mission in Missouri and they defend the Church using the Bible. Its a pretty interesting read and it points out a lot of good points. I printed it all out and have been looking over it while I eat dinner and lunch.

My studies have gotten better the past few days even though our comp study is non-existent but I just need to push a little harder to get things done.

Hope everything is going alright back home, I sure do miss you guys but there is no place I would rather be then serving the Lord!!!

Elder Cash Flow.

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