Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Sometimes my rhymes are polite."

Greetings from Aotearoa or the Land of the Long White Cloud!

This week was transfers and I found out on Tuesday morning that Elder Coconut Lobster (Niu'unga) would be leaving to South Auckland to the Tongan program up there. I also found out that my new companion would be Elder Finau who was in my intake when we came into the mission. He is a great elder but has been in the Tongan Program for most of his mission so he has a lot of habits/expectations that are not the best for country branches. Elder Finau is from Saint George, Utah so he has a drivers license so when I get too tired to drive I can ask him to take over while I rest. All of the driving we do really takes a toll on you....

We went on a run this morning and he kept up with me most of the way but at the end was just way too tired so he wants to bike next to me now instead of running. While we were out running we found a gym that we might try and go exercise at but will still need to find out how much it costs and if it is worth it. I have been trying to get back into shape and have been doing extra workouts at night to drop off a few Kg's and get more fit.

I love all you guys and look forward to seeing you in a few short months!

Kia kaha!!!!

Elder Mitchell

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