Monday, April 18, 2016

I am a Spanish genius!

Kia Ora Fam!!!!

It seems that the closer I get to going home (nearly 5 months now) the less enthusiastic I am about sending emails. I am sorry if it seems like I am not doing anything because of how my emails reflect my work. I just can't be bothered since I will see you guys soon anyways and I can tell you my stories then, but I will try and get better.

This last week was actually a pretty good week. We set a goal to beat all of our bests from previous weeks in the transfer and we beat all of them except for Investigators at Sacrament and Progressing Investigators. The jacket you guys sent me last winter is super nice here because it keeps all the rain outside and all the warm inside. 

We met a Chilean Less-Active last week and since I can speak more Spanish then my Tongan companion he thinks that I am a Spanish Genius. We helped her out with her lawn and did some clean-up around her section before her husband got home. 

We also have transfers this week but we think that Elder Niu'unga is leaving because he has been here the longest.

That's all for today but I will send pics next week when I have my camera. 

Love you guys and hope all is well back home!!!


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