Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Oh no! His pants are too tight."

This week (like many other weeks before) we drove a lot...

On Monday we drive down from Waihi to Paeroa (about a 40k drive round trip) to email and then back to Waihi at night after we are done seeing those people we need to while we are down here. This week we had a FHE so we just stayed at the chapel basically all day.

Tuesday and Wednesday are usually spent between Kerepehi, Ngatea, Turua, Waitakaruru, and Thames which are about 50-60 Ks away from Waihi (where we live) and all of the people that we visit are far away from each other so we end up driving another 10-20 around the area. If we get stuck on a bad day we end up driving for about 2-3 hours.

Thursday is spent in Paeroa as well as anyone we need to see on the way through Karangahake Gorge. Its usually a pretty effective day as we don't have to drive a whole lot but sometimes we end up having to run errands for our Branch Presidency around the area.

Friday is a tough one. We drive up to Whangamata (about 30k one-way) plus if we have an appointment in Pauanui then we have to drive about an hour just to see a couple of people before dinner.

Saturday is spent in Waihi which gives me a break on driving so that's nice. But Sunday has us driving back to Paeroa then Thames to finish off our week. 

We usually end up driving about 700-900 Ks a week depending on if we have to drive to Hamilton or not. Sorry for not making it easy for anyone who is not familiar with the metric system so you'll just have to convert all the distances (LOL, homework for all the Americans).

That's what a typical week looks like here in Paeroa Branch. This week was a pretty slow week because of said driving but hopefully the new people that we found will continue to progress and make all of that gas worth-while!

Elder Mitchell

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