Friday, June 10, 2016

Plot Twist

Scene: Tuesday Morning in Waihi (2 days till transfers)

Telephone rings...

Elder Van Thiel (VTB):"I have transfer news for you guys!"

Elder Finau and I(Us):"Awesome! Lets here it!"

VTB:" Elder Mitchell you will be staying in Paeroa!"

Us: "So Elder Finau and I will be together another transfer???"

VTB: "No Elder Finau will be leaving to the Tongan Program in Papakura"

Us: "Nah, but for real though he is staying here right?"

VTB: " Yeah, nah Elder Finau will be leaving, Elder Mitchell's new companion will be Elder Kailea"

Us: ~silence~

So I will be staying another transfer here in Paeroa but Elder Finau is moving on to another area. I wanted to stay here in Paeroa but I wanted to kill Elder Finau off (he finishes this transfer). I guess the Lord had other plans for us! Elder Finau was pretty mad because he was only here one transfer and didn't get to say goodbye to hardly anyone before we had to take off on Thursday morning. 

Elder Kailea is from Tonga and has been out on his mission for 22 months so he will finish here in Paeroa. He is my 3rd Tongan companion in a row in this area which is alright cuz I am already used to the FOB (fresh off the boat) things that they tend to do.

We have been killing it here for the past couple of days as we have just finished updating our ward list (a project that I started when I first got into the area) and we have begun a draft for a new Branch Mission Plan. There are a lot of good things happening in our area and I am so excited to see what this next transfer has to bring!

Elder Mitchell

flip.... I forgot to bring my cord for my camera again sorry everyone!!!  

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