Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"You just stay home and play synthesizers"

Its a winter wonderland here in New Zealand.

My companion got sick on Tuesday so we spent most of the week home because he was coughing up a lung most of the day. We managed to get out for a few minutes throughout the week but he spent most of the week in bed. The weather here has gone bad over the past couple of weeks, we planned on going hiking with some the YSA and the Coromandel Sisters but because it has been raining all day we doubt that would be a good idea. There is not much to do here on P-day as a missionary which kinda sucks, but the rest of the week is usually pretty mean. 

We finally got to do some work yesterday after church and while we were out working we met this guy named Shane. He lives in a boat on the Thames Harbour and after our BML invited him back to his place to have a chat, we found out that he is basically homeless (but not boatless) and that he basically begs for a living. Missionaries have been visiting with him for a while all around the country, but he doesn't want to join the church because he doesn't want to pay tithing because of his low income. Its kind of a sad story as He is only a year older then I am.

Didn't get to take any pictures this week, sorry everyone!

Elder Mitchell

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