Sunday, September 20, 2015


Man since I have been on my mission I have gotten to do all kinds of things and this week I......


Since we are serving it Te Aroha, we don't get to do a whole lot of teaching and preaching but we do get to do a lot of service around the town and on peoples farms. Every week on Wednesday we go over to one of our investigators (Paul Mcvicar) homes and help them milk cows and then afterward they feed us dinner! It was the first time I have ever done it so I was really nervous because the cows were pooping all over the place and I was scared that I might get kicked when I put the cups on their teets. It went pretty well and I only got a little poop on me and I didn't even get kicked!

After the milking we had a really good lesson about the Word of Wisdom with Paul and his wife and we committed him to pray about the WoW and how it can help him the health problems that he is facing. We were about to leave and I realized that we didn't have our keys, and we couldn't get very far without them. After searching for a good hour with no success we eventually called the Zone Leaders to see what we should do because we are the furthest area from the rest of our zone and it was getting pretty late. They told us to pray and have faith that we would find the keys and be able to return home. We knelt down and had a prayer with the family and asked him to help us find them and when we got up I had the impression to go to the ATV that we were driving around the farm on I took it to mean that we needed to go check the farm again (it was a fairly big farm).

We eventually gave up on trying to find our keys in the night time and decided to go back to the house and see if we could find it there. Paul thought it would be a good idea to check the under the seat of the ATV and guess what! It was there, His wife busted into tears and we all knelt down and thanked God for helping us and for showing us that he does answer prayers. We came back on Saturday to help milk cows again and we decided it would be best to leave our keys inside the house while we were out on the farm haha :)

A few small things happened this week but overall it was a fairly good week here in Te Aroha. We are going to the temple this week on my birthday (the 24th) so that is pretty exciting! 

Elder Mitchell

Attached are some pictures of our zone and one of me and some cows

Our Zone.

Me and some cowz.

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