Sunday, July 26, 2015

So busy, he didn't have time to make up a subject line.

Don't have much time today to write a really big email but this week has gone by really quick since it will be my last full week with Elder Guitar Strings (some lady called him that because she couldn't pronounce his name SMH!!!).I will tell a story about our sacrament this past week though. 

One of our investigators named Barry came to church this Sunday. He has had a problem with alcohol and tobacco for many years now and has been in and out of maximum security prison a couple of times but he really likes the church and how nice the people are. When I shook his hand when he came into the chapel I could smell a lot of alcohol on his breath and he didn't look very good at all. I went and sat with Barney after I finished blessing the sacrament and throughout the whole meeting I could hear Barry in the background talking quite loudly to Elder Gutierrez and Mike (a recent convert).

Then one of the ladies who was there for the family history meeting in the 3rd hour went and grabbed Barry and took him outside. Turns out they went up to top of the driveway to have a smoke and on his way out Barry spilled a bunch of his tobacco on the floor of the chapel. Turns out he had just gotten kicked out of his flat because some guy came around and caused a lot of trouble for him and his landlord earlier in the week so he was quite drunk at the time but at least he showed up to church!

Other then that it was a pretty normal week with a lot of driving to the outer edges of our area to see people who live super far away!!!

I'll send pictures of our sight seeing next week.

Elder Mitchell

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