Sunday, August 2, 2015

"I'm making a lasagna, for one"

Kio Ora!!!

We had transfers this week and my new Companion is Elder Hunt. He is a big Samoan fella from Aussie, he loves beat boxing, Volleyball, and Rugby. He is finishing his mission next transfer and he is pretty funny sometimes...

We hit it hard this week after transfers and got heaps of work done in Raglan and met a couple of people that Elder Gutierrez and I never got around to see but we did contact heaps of new investigators. It has started to get a lot warmer down here so I have been able to go on more runs but I keep getting distracted during our runs and don't realize that we are way over our 30 mins for exercise but I have been feeling much better than when I wasn't exercising.

Elder Hunt got growled out yesterday by one of our Recent Converts moms. We were over at her house and he kept asking questions about how old her kids were and when there birthdays were and a lot of probing questions and she started to get uncomfortable but I guess he didn't notice. He was taking notes of everything she was saying even though they were not interested in the church and don't really care much about the son who was baptized. Finally she snapped and told him to leave and to leave the paper that he was writing about her family and after apologizing we left. He was sad the rest of the day but later that night he started to cheer up.

We had a pretty good week but not much notable stuff happened except for that one incident but hopefully we have a big week next week!

Elder Mitchell

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