Sunday, July 19, 2015

"My eyes are just a little sweaty today"

This week.......

We had a baptism!!!

We spent most of the week preparing Barney for his baptism but when we weren't with him or Mike (one of our recent converts) we were out inviting people to his baptism. On Wednesday we had the Zone Leaders from down in Hamilton come up and interview Barney for his baptism but he has a small mental disability so they made sure to ask simple questions. Other then a few meal appointments with some of the members we didn't really get to do much service but we did get 2 referrals from some of our members so we will try and contact them later this week. 

After investigating the church for a little under 2 months, Barney made the decision to step into the waters of baptism and make the first of many covenants to our Heavenly Father! Elder Gutierrez had the privilege of performing the ordinance and then on Sunday he asked me to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost so I had to learn how to perform that ordinance in about 2 minutes haha! The spirit was very powerful in the chapel and I got a little chooked up while I giving him a blessing and after he said that when I finished it felt like "someone put a warm blanket on me" and I told him that it was the Holy Ghost. 

Loving the people here in New Zealand!!!!!!!!

Elder Mitchell


Barney's Baptism

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