Monday, December 8, 2014

"Innercity Pressure"

Dear Family and Friends:

This week has been pretty basic so there is not really much to say. We met with Jake again and he had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and whether or not its doctrine clashes with the bible. He struggled with the thought that as God was once a man, men may become gods and thought that just a foolish dream but I guess we just need to explain some of that stuff a bit more. I started the Book of Mormon when I got into the MTC and I'm in Alma now and I have noticed how much more stuff I am picking up on now that I'm actually studying it and all I've got to say is that Teancum is a BOSS.

There isn't much to do down here so we go and run laps around this field we have for our workouts and I set a goal to run a 1:10 for one lap but I have only ran 1:20 so I have a lot of work to do but I've been doing intervals and core trying to keep my fitness up but the people of this country are just set on getting me fat. We are going over to the High School and doing some workouts with the track team after emailing today so that will be fun.
 Everyone in this country loves the All-Blacks and while I was at a members house talking he brought up a statistic that domestic violence increases by like 30-40% when the All-Blacks lose. I want to get some All-Blacks stuff but its so expensive here. I have been working on my rugby skills so that the people here don't laugh at me because even the little kids are better then me.

Elder Mitchell

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