Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why do I get double-stuffed!!!

Pretty good week here in Rototuna and we got quite a bit done!! Over the past 2 weeks I have been trying to teach Elder Rochefort English but I have had no clue what I was doing or really what I need to teach to him. One of the members from Nawton Ward came over on Friday and we set up a plan for him to learn English and how we will accomplish some of our goals. We have started to go through some of the missionary lessons and I have had him teach me the lessons to help him to better understand the doctrines and stuff like that. He seems to be improving and later tonight we have an appointment with one of our Recent Converts to go over Lesson 5 in PMG because the Elders that baptized them never went over it. 

I got called to be the District Leader over the Pukete, Chartwell, and Rototuna wards so I have been getting calls every other day to give permission for things that I never knew we needed permission for! We have been going for runs almost every morning the past couple of days but since it is winter here, it rains a lot so we usually just do core and push-ups because it gets pretty bad and I don't want Elder Rochefort to get sick. I am really starting to learn the area pretty well and I feel like I am not just shooting in the dark but I also know I have a lot of work I need to do to get this area back to mission standards.

Not much else is going on here but I attached a picture of some of the money here in New Zealand.

Elder Mitchell

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