Monday, January 12, 2015

"Albi the Racist Dragon"

Dear Family and Friends

Its been a pretty average week here in Tokoroa, I am starting to get used to this whole mission thing now and my sleep schedule is more-or-less on track with what our mission president wants it to be which is good. The biggest thing that has happened this week is we got our Ward Mission Leader back which was so huge!

I had been fasting that we could make contact with him during the week and just see how he was doing. He has been having some WoW problems and whenever we have stopped by his wife just tells us to go away so in my whole time here I have only met him once and he was...... yeah....... We had a meeting with our Bishop on Friday about some people he wanted us to go see and I decided to go see one of our investigators and I felt prompted to walk through this alleyway. On the other side was Lachoneus' (our WML) house and he had just barely pulled into the driveway so we walked up to his place and we found out that he just messed up his knee. He told us that this was the sign that he needs to come back to church and keep himself clean. He came to church on Sunday and met with us and had a good meeting about what we can do to best serve the lord. He seems to be on board and we gave a guy to go see before Friday so he can stay active.

Other than that its been pretty boring. I'll add a couple pictures on my next email because I forgot my cord at home.

See you guys lates!!!

Elder Cash Flow.

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