Monday, November 10, 2014

His first official email home!

Hey guys! They let us send a letter back home yesterday but I'm sure it won't arrive in Farmington until long after I send this email. My P-day is on Monday which is today in New Zealand but we have a different laundry schedule. I am not able to upload pictures because they want us to wait for us to get out in the field to send them but there is not very many things to take pictures of in the MTC but it is very beautiful here. We are allowed about 45-50 minutes a day for exercise so that we can not get too fat but there is very little that we can do as we can not leave the MTC for any reason but we will be going to the temple on Thursday.
I wrote some of this in my letter home yesterday but my companion in Elder Talanoa, he is from the friendly island of Tonga ( I said Samoa in the previous letter) and in his country there is a small island called Haapi and that is where he lived. My companion struggles with English so I have been trying to help him as best I can but he usually has to repeat everything he says because I either don't understand it or he was speaking Tongan. He will be serving the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Mission which is cool but I wish he were going into New Zealand with me. The daily life here is very structured which is kind of weird compared to what I am used to but it has been good to learn more about the gospel.
I know that this gospel that we are teaching is true and I love you guys and hope all is going well!
Elder Mitchell

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