Monday, November 10, 2014

Leaving for the MTC!

Today we sent Elder Mitchell off to his mission.  He will be reporting to the Hamilton New Zealand mission after his 2 week stay at the MTC in Auckland New Zealand.

Here is his first email home letting us know he got there safel:

Living Large in the NZ

Hey everyone I arrived in New Zealand safely! We arrived at the Airport at around5:30 and got our bags and such. It is so nice down here, I noticed on our drive from the MTC that the scenery is so much nicer down here then it is in Utah. It is spring here so there has been rain for a couple weeks now. When we got the MTC we filled out some paperwork and then went and had breakfast (again). I have not met my companion yet but I have heard that he is Somoan which will be pretty cool.
I am so glad to be down here doing the Lords work and I look forward to teaching the people of New Zealand!
Elder Mitchell
 This is Elder Lingwall and Chuk.  They ran together at Herriman High School and are now in the same Mission and leaving the same day!
 One last family picture
Elder Landis, Elder Searle, Elder Mitchell and Elder Lingwall.  All from Northern Utah and reporting to the Hamilton New Zealand Mission.

One last photo before he goes through security.

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