Monday, November 24, 2014

He's in Tokoroa New Zealand

Hey everyone!!!
  Its been a couple days since I got here in Tokoroa! Let me just start out by saying that it is nothing like Herriman, Utah. It is a small, humble town in the Rotorua Zone and the people here are very interesting! On my first day we taught 3 lessons to a couple of people around town and it seems very popular to not get married but to live together and call themselves partners. I'm not sure about the tax system here but I'm guessing its not very favorable to be married. One of the biggest challenges we have is with the law of chastity because no one wants to get married but wants to live together and have children.

  The first place we went in Tokoroa was Bishop Halls place for a lesson with Tara who is one of Bishops daughters friends to commit to be baptized on our first visit after teaching her the Restoration. Since then we have taught her the next two lessons and set a bapitism date,December 13th. We also met with Kenneth Harry who was excommunicated for a reason unknown to me but has decided to turn his life around after a short prison sentence and a lot of scripture study. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and everytime Elder Lukens and I come around, he gets so excited! He definitely wants to rejoin the church and turn his life around but he has to send a request up through the authority of the Church so that they can okay it. We went and tilled his garden on Saturday and had a great discussion about the book of Daniel and I would highly recommend to go and read 2 Kings again.

  We have been working really hard out here so that we get to all the houses that we want to visit but there is not enough time in the day and I find that I am disappointed at the end of the day when we didn't get to see all the people we had planned to see. Our living quarters are very humble. its a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house with about as much space as we had living at Pinnacle. My new companion is Elder Lukens and he is such a cool guy! He is from Pleasant Grove and went to American Fork and did track and field for them! Elder Lukens is very strong in the gospel and has been making the transistion from the MTC much easier then I thought.

We live at 148a Papanui Street, Tokoroa, New Zealand.

I'll write more next week but until then.....
Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!
and Happy Thanksgiving!! (they don't celebrate it here but everyday they eat until their sick so I guess that makes up for it)

Elder Mitchell

The Hamilton New Zealand Temple

My new apartment.  Very humble.
Me at the New Zealand MTC.

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