Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's almost time....

This will be my second to last email that I will be sending home.

So after getting the 'hint' we will be covering Kawerau last week we finally got a confirmation from the Zone Leaders that we will be moving over to K-town. Elder Gajultos and I were pretty happy about this as you could probably guess as the members here in this area are amazing and are a huge blessing to us as missionaries. We spent Tuesday saying our 'goodbyes' in Whakatane but since we are just moving down the road we will still be seeing the members over there every once in a while. Elder Holmes and Elder Lambert (A brand new elder from Idaho) replaced us in Whakatane and they seem to be doing well because we haven't got any calls yet so we assume they are doing alright haha:)

Wednesday we spent packing up the rest of our stuff that was in the Whakatane flat and moved all of our food over because we needed some extra stuff in our pantries. We spent Thursday through Saturday passing out invitations to General Conference which was kind of sad because none of the people that we invited actually came even though most of them committed to come to the Sunday Sessions. 

Anyway, This last week was really good actually even though we didn't have any one come to Conference it was actually really good to watch it. There were so many great talks, I especially liked the Saturday afternoon session where Elder Christofferson spoke about unconditional love. 

My companion did some calculation and he determined that I have just over 1 million seconds left serving in the mission field so I think that he is more trunky for me then I am. We have been working as hard as we can to fill those last 1,000,000 seconds with the best work that I have ever done in my previous 23 months. 

Love you guys!

Elder Mitchell

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