Sunday, October 2, 2016

I promise I'm not trunky.....yet :)

Kia Ora family,

It has been a sad week here in Whakatane and Kawerau. On Tuesday after District meeting I had a really sore throat and a mean headache so I went back to our flat to change and to go out to work. We went and saw a couple of people but I felt so bad that I had to go back to rest. I got worse and worse throughout the day and so I called our Mission Presidents wife and she told me to stay in and rest so I did. That was Tuesday evening, it is now Monday afternoon and I still have not gotten better. I have an appointment with the doctor today so hopefully I will not lose any more time.

Anyway, we got a call from the Assistants a couple of hours ago about transfers. They told us that Elder Gajultos and I would be getting double-shifted out of Whakatane so we should pack our bags. I asked him where we will be going to and he replied that we will be staying together but we wouldn't be going very far. They wouldn't tell us but we are pretty sure that we will be covering Kawerau this next transfer (for me 3 weeks). If this is the case then this is the answer to my prayer I just hope that this can improve the missionary work in Whakatane.

That's all for today and I am sorry I don't have any pictures but you don't get to take many good pictures inside your flat...

Elder Mitchell

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