Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Leave those poor sick monkeys alone."

From now on, you must refer to the missionaries in Gisborne as the Justice League okay?

We had a crazy week here in the Gisborne Zone! Since I am the DL here and since transfers is coming up, I had to do one last exchange with the Elders in my District and the Zone Leaders. On Monday I drove up the coast to go do a short exchange with the Bay Elders who cover a couple branches up in the northern part of Gizzy. The exchange went pretty good and I definitely understand the problems that they have with visiting people regularly. 

We switched back Tuesday night and then they stayed the night at our flat because it is a 2 and a half hour drive up to their flat and it was really dark by the time we got back to Gisborne. The exchange with the ZL's was good because we got to do heaps of work and go out to Manutuke and visit some of their investigators out there. We had plenty of opportunities to talk about how the last transfer has been and what we want to do to help our district and zone for the next transfer.

Now to my exchange with the Tongan Elders.... When we opened up our exchange we walked outside and I saw a bike that looked like one of our mission bikes but not being ridden by a missionary. Turns out it was stolen from one of the previous elders and we ended up getting it off the guy after the cops came. Then later when the Zone Leaders were taking the bike back to their flat, they saw the bike that got stolen off Elder Fesolai when I was on exchange with the Zone Leaders. We ended up getting that bike back as well so now the Zone Leaders have all the serial numbers for the bikes in Gisborne so that no one will be stealing our bikes anytime soon!!!!

We are bringing justice back to the streets of Gisborne, one bike at a time!!!!!

Ofa Atu!

Elder Mitchell

Planking on the pier.

Sometimes it's sad being the only white guy.

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