Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Do you have any other skills, like typing?"

Buenos Dias!

It has been a pretty rainy week here in Te Aroha but we have had quite a few things happen.

On Thursday we met with Amon and while we were over there, his daughter came out and started talking with us as well. Amon was freaking out because he did not expect his daughter to be into the whole church thing but she was asking a lot of questions and trying to learn more but it seemed like she was just curious. We committed her to pray about what we talked about and set an appointment for the next day. It turns out that she forgot to pray that night but we recommitted her to pray and invited her to attend church with us. She accepted but still didn't show up on Sunday, why must it be so hard to get people to come to church.....

Other then a whole lot of finding, milking cows, a whole lot of crazy people who yelled at Elder Rios and I, and a pretty funny district meeting; I would say we had fairly normal week. We have officially run out of doors to knock here in Te Aroha and have been trying hard to find other ways to get new people to teach. We have only had a few of our investigators drop us but we have only picked up a couple. We have transfers next week and I have a feeling that I will be leaving but I keep on putting in requests to be with Elder Lingwall but he is Zone Leader so I am not sure how that will work.

All is well here in Te Aroha!!!

Elder Mitchell

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