Sunday, October 25, 2015

"And I just stand there being freaky with a cup on my head"

This has been one of the weirdest weeks in my Mission.

So last Monday we were expecting a call to tell us that Elder Temanaha was leaving but we didn't receive one. However we got a call from our trainer Elder Lukens, who was down in Hamilton getting ready to fly home but he wanted to say goodbye but we couldn't come down to see him because President Rudd said it was too far. We ended up just doing normal missionary work that day but still no call. The next morning after studies we were headed out of the flat when we got a call from the AP's to tell us the news, Elder T was going to Cambridge to follow-up train and I was getting Elder Patea in Te Aroha. We spent the rest of the day and Wednesday driving around to say goodbye to people and packing. 

When we left for transfers I left the phone back at the flat but we were already too far to go back. So when we got to Hamilton we just dropped off his stuff but found out Elder Patea had just had surgery and wasn't ready to go out in the field so I was going to get someone else for a couple of days. We worked a bit in one of the other Elders areas because we weren't being transferred so we stayed in our area but we got another call to come pick up my new comp. 

My new companion was Brother Tom Swain who is a returned missionary over in Nawton (a ward in Hamilton), he is really good friends with President Rudd and he asked if he could come out into the field with me for a couple of days. He taught at the MTC for 5 years teaching missionaries with English as their Second Language. He is a very good missionary still even after being home for quite some time but he helped me a lot with the work out in Te Aroha and with helping me become a better missionary. 

We had a really good couple of days and taught some really powerful lessons and found some potential investigators. On Friday night after working our butts off all day, we went over to the Ibarolla's (an Argentinian family in our ward) because we felt like they might need a visit. When we shared our message at the end the whole family was in tears and Bro. Swain and I were almost crying as well. I don't remember too much about the message but I know it was exactly what the family needed. It was an amazing experience to be able to touch peoples lives even though it started out as an odd prompting. 

Brother Swain left on Sunday and I have been with Elder Gemmell from Hastings who is waiting for his Visa. He is a great guy but is still pretty new to the whole missionary thing because he hasn't even been to the MTC.

I know that the work we are engaged in is truly a marvelous work and a wonder and that there is no other place that I would rather be then in the NZHM!!!!

With love, Elder Mitchell

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